Knitwear design & yarn company Brooklyn Tweed began in 2005 as a blog for knitters and wool-lovers, penned by founder Jared Flood after his recent relocation to New York City. Today, the company is home to a dedicated team of creative professionals committed to bringing hand knitters high-quality materials and knitwear design.

Our passion for wool is only second to our conviction to produce breed-specific American yarns that preserve, support and sustain the tradition of U.S. textile production. Our wools are grown on the plains of Wyoming, Nevada, South Dakota and Montana and are spun with care in historic mills in New Hampshire and Maine, where woolen and worsted spun yarns have been produced since 1794.



What We Make



Brooklyn Tweed offered its first 100% American-made wool yarn and design collections in 2010. Our first yarn, Shelter, was the culmination of Jared Flood’s dream to create homegrown yarns that would preserve, support and sustain the tradition of U.S. textile production. Brooklyn Tweed moved west to Portland, Oregon in 2015, consolidating the headquarters and shipping operations that send unique, breed-specific yarns all around the globe.